This Week in Music 01.09.2013

I apologize if this week’s post isn’t up to the usual standards but I’m currently writing this while recovering from that rather nasty flu virus that is doing the rounds. Not the most ideal start to the year I’m sure you’ll all agree. Anyway, let’s make the best of it and get straight into this week’s new releases.


BABYMETAL – “Ijime, Dame, Zettai


We’re starting things off this week with BABYMETAL and their major debut single “Ijime, Dame, Zettai”. This song has been an iconic part of their live shows for a long time and it seems very fitting that it is now being used to mark their first non-indie single. If you’ve listened to any of BABYMETAL’s music before then you should have a pretty good idea of what’s on offer here. It’s the same fusion of idol pop and heavy metal that we’ve come to expect from the group. It really shouldn’t work but they keep making great songs so I’ll continue to sing their praises and tell you to check them out.


BiS / Dorothy Little Happy – “GET YOU


Our next release is a split single, something that you don’t see too often from idol groups. This one brings together up and coming Avex acts Brand-new Idol Society and Dorothy Little Happy. The single features the song “GET YOU” which is a collaboration between the two groups as well as two b-side covers. One sees BiS cover Dorothy Little Happy’s “Demo Sayonara” and the other sees Dorothy Little Happy cover BiS’s “Nerve”. All of the tracks featured are done in a catchy electronic style so if you’re into that sort of thing or you’re already a fan of either group then this is something that should be of interest to you.


Cheeky Parade – “BUNBUN NINE9


Speaking of Avex and major debut singles, this week sees Idol Street’s Cheeky Parade release the incredibly catchy “BUNBUN NINE9”. This is one my more anticipated releases in January, mostly because I haven’t been able to get the song out of my head since I first heard it a month or two ago. If up-tempo songs with a catchy beat are your jam then this one is definitely worth checking out. Cheeky Parade are one of my groups to watch in 2013 and I feel like they’re going to have a great year. Avex are building an incredibly strong roster of idol groups right now so if you can drag yourselves away from AKS for a few minutes maybe you’ll find something that you like over there.


Iwasa Misaki – “Moshimo Watashi ga Sora ni Sundeitara


All of you AKS addicts aren’t being left out in the cold this week either, although I’d imagine that last week probably cleaned you out pretty good. Iwasa Misaki releases her second solo single this week and again the order of the day is Enka. Your definition of Enka may differ but I really enjoy Iwasa’s music so I’m also really looking forward to this release. This is even coming from the guy who doesn’t like slow ballady songs. In my opinion Iwasa Misaki is the best soloist that AKB48 has right now even if sales numbers might not reflect that.



Jinsei Wahaha!” by Fudanjuku


This really wasn’t anywhere close to my best work but hopefully you were able to take something away from it. Check back next week where I’ll try to be less sick and make a better job of this.


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