A Discussion About: Tashima Meru (HKT)

Recorded January 22nd, 2012.



Dae’s Twitter – newschooldae
David’s Twitter – rockliao
Newschoolkaidan Twitter – newschoolkaidan


7 thoughts on “A Discussion About: Tashima Meru (HKT)”

  1. Miyawaki Sakura is so fascinating because her adorable, giant eyes bore into your soul. When she sees all of your faults and sins she washes them away with her Memetic Engineering, leaving only a better you behind.

    Glad I could clear that up.

    1. *Side effects may include incessant smiling, loss of money, frequent wotablasting, loss in ability to perceive time, or large boners in extremely rare cases.

  2. She’s “acceptable” – I think Haruka Kodoma is waaay more charismatic & cuter. I loved their “Onegi Valentine” at the AKB RH

  3. This was supposed to be about MeruMeru NOT everyone else guys! Lol no seriously more MeruMeru less fluff shit.

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