NSK Awards 2012 – Team S #1 PV Category


Recorded January 25th, 2012.


NSK Overture


Sick Beat by Yoshi



The members of Team S; Dave, Garry and Yoshi sit down to discuss their winners for the 2012 NSK Awards: PV category.

Yoshi’s Twitter – @yoshi_nsk

Dave’s Twitter – @t3hdave

Garry’s Twitter – @mage77

Full list of awards below.


[table id=4 /]


13 thoughts on “NSK Awards 2012 – Team S #1 PV Category”

  1. Love the NMB HA! mentions, I concur. I’ve been watching that video nonstop since it came out… really cool, love it all, song, set design, costumes and it feels fresh. It’s my favorite song and PV at the moment.

    Nante Bohemian’s PV gets me every time I see Milky and Sayanee walking out the pool.. then Churi starts randomly hosing ppl, etc. lol

    I agree with Yoshi for strangest PV. I agree with Gary for biggest surprise and set design. Kataomoi was really a shock because of how mature that video was, my nonchan was molested! Was really “wow” when the teaser for that PV came out..

    However my personal biggest surprise is Eien Pressure because it came out of nowhere parodying the 1977 cult classic Japanese horror film ‘House’ out of NOWHERE. Something that went over most wota’s head, not mine since I’m pretty much a film wizard lol.

    I’m torn on choreography, really like UZA and… Passpo in general I tend to like.. I like most of Passpo’s shit.

  2. My memory is terrible so doing awards is out of the question. I pretty much agree with most of your choices, specially Dave’s.
    Looking forward for the other categories.

  3. Worst set design? That cardboard mess for Baby Raids’ first PV. It is easy to tear up a set when there is practically nothing to tear up.

  4. My favorite costume was the from Aishiteraburu pv.

    I like to think the people attacking AKB48 in the ManaGuu pv were DES from AKB0048.

    1. I always thought those meteor thing in the air were other idols de-orbiting…

      I also think the video is about the old generation infecting the new gen with “idolism” and then graduating out.

  5. Best choreography, that category is be a tad tricky for me to pick one…
    Would either pick PASSPO’s Next Flight or Natsuzora HANABI. Really enjoyed the latter’s hand-fan choreography that you see more clearly in the dance version.

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