NSK Awards 2012 – Team S #2 Singles Category

Single Gategories

Recorded January 25th, 2012.


NSK Overture


Beats by Dae



The members of Team S; Dave, Garry and Yoshi sit down to discuss their winners for the 2012 NSK Awards: Singles category.

Yoshi’s Twitter – @yoshi_nsk

Dave’s Twitter – @t3hdave

Garry’s Twitter – @mage77

Full list of awards below.

[table id=6 /]


6 thoughts on “NSK Awards 2012 – Team S #2 Singles Category”

  1. best solo single: Otona Jellybeans

    biggest surprise: Morning Musume’s The Materou Show

    Top album songs :
    1.SKE48’s Sunenagara, ame…
    2.AKB48’s Itsuka mita umi no soko
    3.AKB48’s Iede no Yoru
    4.AKB48’s No Can
    5.Shinoda Mariko’s Plastic no Kuchibiru

    honorable mentions:
    Passpo’s Kimi wa Boku wo Sukininaru
    Passpo’s Pink no Parachute
    Passpo’s With XXXX

    I have been listening to Passpo’s album recently and Kimi Boku wo Sukininaru is one of my favorite songs on it. I didn’t know it was single though.

    Best Newcomer Single: Watanabe Mayu’s Synchro Tokimeki

    Best cover Art: NMB48’s Junjou u 19 Type A( The one with the cannon and Yamamoto Sayaka with partially pink hair).

    honorable mentions
    NMB48’s Nagiichi Type A
    AKB48 Manatsu no Sounds Good Type B

    Guilty Pleasure Single: Smileage’s Dot Bikini

    Honorable mentions:
    SKE48’s Kiss datte Hidarikiki
    Nogizaka46’s Guru guru Curtain
    Nogizaka46’s Oide Shampoo

  2. Just discovered you guys. Several months late but I gotta mentioned that Nogizaka 46’s Oto ga Denai Guitar from Hashire Bicycle as an excellent B-side.

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