A Discussion About: The Minegishi Minami Thing

Recorded February 4th, 2012.

An Idol shaved her head recently, which made a lot of headlines in American News.
Here’s an educated look at why people who are making a big deal of it, shouldn’t be.



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6 thoughts on “A Discussion About: The Minegishi Minami Thing”

  1. I don’t have much passion in following idols as I use to (still listen to the podcast though) but I will keep my comments short:

    -I’m sure no one forced her to shave her head but whoever approved of the video after it was recorded was a complete idiot.

    -I think the pro wrestling analogy is pretty spot on with the idol culture however that means whoever is close to being Cena in the idol world is the girl I dislike the most. The problem I had with incident was when I saw the video, I just thought about the 11-15 year old female fans who Minegishi was their oshimen. If you use the wrestling reference, I cant imagine how heartbroken they were watching it and hopefully they didn’t take a negative message away from it which is what I am concerned about the most.

    -I am not surprise by the headline from Japanator. The majority of english sites that cover Japanese culture for the most part always try to vilify or will say anything negative related to the idol industry. Back in November Sanaku Complex wrote that Masuda Yuka lost her virginity in her scandal which coming from being her fan annoyed me. You shouldn’t expect any of those sites to explain anything in a reasonable manner.

  2. Not much to disagree with here. The little there is boils down to personal preference which really isn’t productive being discussed. My only problem is this rant is aimed at those who don’t know idol culture and usually dislike pop music in general. They will more than likely not listen to this so kind of a wasted effort.

  3. I don’t know what to make of all this. Now according my Tumblr & Stage48 findings this Geesh thing could engulf Yuki Kashiwagi? I know members here are partial to Geesh and believe me when I say I honestly wish this scandal never occurred.

    (here comes the BUTT)- However, maybe she needs a transfer (Temporary!!! like 6 months) until AFTER the election? I hope I’m wrong but I worry she’s becoming a “Lightning Rod” – If they (AKB) wants to save anything left of her image let her “vacation” in China w/ SNH48 – let people forget about everything and the election will tell us (much like the Request Hour selections) where she should land.

    I saw a disgustingly ignorant article about how AKB are the Orphans of Feminism? Just more “progressive & open minded” Hate from some idiot who is so big & bad attacking Idols (for being Cute) instead of maybe marching for the rights of Muslim women to be able to goto college (or the store alone?). We all know these girls are “human” – I don’t care if they have “dates” but I respect the “ideals” of the Idol system and personally I LOVE how graceful & beautiful it makes the women seem. The West is jealous some girls can become mega-stars by selling “Virtue” (God forbid).

    That’s really what this boils down to. The jaded over-sexed slut-monkeys (we know who they are in Music & Culture) that these Western Journalists helped make & destroy (for what?) are what they love and it pisses them off that such a system where purity, innocence, personality, and dreams exists with TALENT making Billions. They want dirt & they want sex tapes and they hate girls that can become what the West sold away long ago- “Idols” unless it’s Idol’s they control. (cue: the PC & Social Justice laundry list of American Idols).

    Lastly it even goes deeper than that. I know of certain Anime writers (voices in that field) who really think Japan is backwards and despise “Moe” and Kawaii stuff. They hate harem comedies (which ironically have sex) & innocent stuff like “K-On!” because they see the females as mindless blobs of “cute” with no “Western Ambitions” and yes they despise the men who love them. Because “They” know what’s best for the Image of Girls?

    If this happened in America – Geesh would be on David Letterman making fun of AKB & doing a Top 10 list – she’d have a reality show on VH1 and cash-in on being a Victim of AKB’s repressive system. Ellen & Rosie O’donnell & “The View” would slime AKB and make Geesh a hero while mockin’ someone like Mayuyu or the other Idols for being “Pure”. This is why I love the Idol system – there’s one corner of the earth still sees Females as “magical” and Girly – where pigtails & ribbons are cute and not part of a Slutty school girl Porn or Halloween costume.

    The Idol System is an “Ideal” – not an absolute. When you see these ‘Haters’ please call these Slut-Merchants out and ask what they’re so afraid of – my guess is they’re afraid it’ll come to America and what will they ‘write about’. (sorry for the rant).

    1. What you just said is practically reaching and generalizing. Are you a heterosexual male, by any chance?

      People aren’t upset at the no dating rule because they’re “jealous” of the “ideal” — the main controversy is that it’s sexist and it’s no one’s business what a woman wants to do with her own body. The idol system basically invades a woman’s personal life just to pander to the unrealistic fantasies of older men.

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