NSK Awards 2012 – Team S #5 Top 10 Singles

Top 10 Singles

Recorded February 5th, 2012.


NSK Overture


SKE48 – Kataomoi Finally (off vocal)



The members of Team S; Dave, Garry and Yoshi sit down to discuss their winners for the 2012 NSK Awards: Top 10 Singles.

Yoshi’s Twitter – @yoshi_nsk

Dave’s Twitter – @t3hdave

Garry’s Twitter – @mage77

Full list of awards below.

[table id=11 /]


2 thoughts on “NSK Awards 2012 – Team S #5 Top 10 Singles”

  1. – the packaging for Eien no Pressure was very impracticle
    – Junjou u 19’s is great musically, but the lyrics are off-putting
    – Aishiteraburu was in my top10, but Wing, Headbanger and Ikuji Nashi Masquerade knocked it down to no.12
    – Otome Senou was also in my top10, but knocked down to no.13
    – I too prefer the sound of Manatsu no Sounds Good to Uza in terms of AKB48 songs
    – Uza had good b-sides though
    – 1,2,3 was good, but I like The Matenrou Show more

  2. I definitely don’t like Manatsu no Sounds Good as much as you guys. At least Dave and Yoshi. Out of the AKB singles I liked UZA the best, specifically because it wasn’t something I was expecting out of them. I’m kind of tired of AKB’s routine of sakura song, summer song yara yara yara. You can say UZA is a typical electro-pop song but it is a well done one imo.

    SKE48 – Lesbians in Despair, this drama has to happen now.

    D. Change a liar? I don’t know in what to believe in anymore…

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