NSK Valentine Kiss Podcast 2013

Recorded February 1st, 2013.


Kokusho Sayuri – Valentine Kiss


Watarirouka Hashiritai 7 – Valentine Kiss



Dave Chang sits down with Community members Anthony (Monkeyto) Nicholson and Rocky (OJS48) Hui to talk about idols and relationships.

Dave’s Twitter – t3hdave

Anthony’s Twitter – monkeyto

Rocky’s Twitter – ojs48

New School Kaidan Twitter – newschoolkaidan

Refer to All Night NSK 013 – Idols: My Anti-Drug

Topics discussed:

  • Ketchup
    • Where’s my chocolate!?
    • Meaning of Valentine’s Day to you?
  • Thoughts about:
    • Minegishi Minami’s scandal
    • What it’s like to be in a relationship and like idols
    • Idols being in relationships
    • Idols being friends with males
    • Hypotheticals
      • If your significant other (S.O.) didn’t like idols
      • You had to choose your S.O. or your idol
      • Would you hide your fandom from your S.O.?
      • Admitting you’re an idol fan to people other than your S.O.
  • Advice for lonely wota out there / people in the closet
  • Closing statements

5 thoughts on “NSK Valentine Kiss Podcast 2013”

  1. I like how it turned into Late Nite with Dave at the end. All that was missing is that radio announcer voice saying “Here’s some advice for all the lonely wota out there…”

  2. I think what AKS need is to teach their idols some basic counter-espionage tradecraft. This has many advantages to the group:

    1 – Fewer scandals as Idols are trained to “ghost” after scandalous operations and maintain a variety of cover identities.
    2 – Tradecraft includes a variety of techniques to read people from minor clues and redirect conversations based on this data. This would make handshake events and variety shows tons better.
    3 – Spies are trained in a variety of close-quarters combat techniques, physical memory training, and situational awareness that would improve dancing in idol.
    4 – Spies are hot!

    I think a producer needs to try out some covert-ops trained Idols and see how great this idea would be. Maybe an offshoot group like “Forged PASSPO” or something like that. “Idols you can attempt to surveill.”

    (sly grin and wink comes with this whole post, and yet…)

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