NSK 136 – Shaqism

Recorded March 7th, 2013.


NSK Overture (intro only)





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Dae’s Twitter – newschooldae
Dave’s Twitter – t3hdave
New School Kaidan Twitter – newschoolkaidan
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Viewer Question
In light of the recent scandals (Miichan and the graduated Yuka), do
you think the love ban law is necessary to keep the group from
encountering many more of these types of scandal or will it just drive
more girls to take on the adventure knowing full well that their
career is at stake once caught? And among the current AKB’s members,
both senbatsu and non-senbatsu, who do you think is the most likely to
be in a secret relationship and who is the least likely? Among the
most likely ones, who stands the highest chance of getting caught by
either Bunshun or the fans digging up their twitter accounts? And
which graduated members do you think dated while they were in the
group (aka Acchan, Yuka, etc.)?



One thought on “NSK 136 – Shaqism”

  1. Nakaya and Hata graduating at nearly the same time to become voice actresses makes me kinda sad (I will miss them), but I think it is a good step to working in anime. They are both very good at the voice roles they have been in and I wish them well.

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