NSK 2D Club: AKB0048 Part 5

2D Club returns with the conclusion(…?) of AKB0048 Next Stage.

AKB0048 circle

Dae, Garry, and Dave sit down to finish off the synopsis of the AKB0048. They discuss whether or not their predictions were correct, how well the story was handled, and if the ending was satisfactory or not. Is AKB0048 worth a recommend? Listen to find out! This podcast covers episodes 21 until 26.



Twitter Links:
Dae’s Twitter – newschooldae
Garry’s Twitter – mage77
Dave’s Twitter – t3hdave

The 2D Club is brand new and still in development, so it’s open to lots of ideas as far as how to create content for the site. If you have any ideas, feel free to send them to us using the contact page at the top of the site, or by leaving a comment on this post. Thanks!


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