Unboxing Sayonara Crawl and more

It’s AKB48 election season, so I gotta get my crawl on. Unboxing of AKB48 – Sayonara Crawl and So long!, Takahashi Minami – Jane Doe, and No Name – Kono Namida wo Kimi ni Sasagu.


Impressions: DiE

BiS _ _DiE (Special Edit)_ Music Video(1080p_H.264-AAC).mp4_snapshot_00.00_[2013.05.26_19.11.56]

Brand-new Idol Society are back baby! With a new song, new members but keeping all of the things you’ve come to know and love. Join me as I share my thoughts and opinions on the PV for their new song “DiE”.

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This Week in Music 05.29.2013

AKB48 dominated the charts again last week. Millions of copies sold, records broken, etc, etc. Who cares? Let’s talk about some music that’s actually interesting.

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NSK 147 – Barbara Car Jerks

Recorded May 23rd, 2013.


Garry’s Milkshake by Yoshi


Borealis by Chase Lim



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AKB48 Election Voting and You


Voting is under way in this year’s AKB48 General Election. The preliminary results are out and there have been quite a few eyebrows raised at the way things have panned out thus far. Perhaps even the final rankings might not be as predictable as everyone thought they would be.

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NSK 2D Club: Aku no Hana part 1


It’s been a while since the last show!

As we wrapped up discussion on both seasons of AKB0048 we wondered when we would come across an anime compelling enough for us to watch and discuss; then Aku no Hana happened, a show that we couldn’t shut up about.

In this episode we talk about the first six episodes of Aku no Hana, discussing the controversial art style, music, characters, story, our predictions and more! Note that this is a spoiler-cast, where we bring up and talk about key plot and character developments up to episode six. Also note that we all jumped into the show fresh, not having read the manga.

If you’ve been keeping up, or just don’t care about spoilers, jump right into our discussion! We would love to hear your opinions in the comments.

Aku no Hana/Uchuujin (Opening song and PV)
Hana (Ending song)
Hana (Original recording and PV)

[Update: A mistake made in the podcast— Animation studio Zexcs was part of the production for Noein, but was not the primary studio, which is Satelight Inc.]



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NSK T-Shirt Design Contest

NSK shirt contest Jun 2013

Hey guys, time to get your creative gears going for a chance to get your design on a shirt that will go up on our upcoming NSK store! Come up with an idol-related design of your choosing!

Deadline: Wednesday, June 12th, 12am Pacific time

Submit to: newschoolkaidan@gmail.com

  • Idol / NSK related
  • No inside jokes*
  • No mature themes
  • 4000×4000, 300 DPI
  • .PSD preferred, .PNG ok

*NSK memes etc. are too specific, but fandom inside jokes might be okay!