Impressions: Sayonara Crawl

Welcome back to another audio “Impressions”. In this installment, I attempt to review AKB48’s “Sayonara Crawl” at 7 in the morning…




Music: “Borealis” by Chase Lim (13thBeat)




2 thoughts on “Impressions: Sayonara Crawl”

  1. Good to see these audio reviews still being released!

    Honestly I will never be a massive fan of this song but neither will I skip it completely, it’s one for the playlist that you listen to when it comes round but nothing more, it’s just a bit flat for me that just kinda puts it behind the likes of Manatsu and Everyday though apart from that there is not really a lot wrong with this song TBH

    for the PV, well I will never like those Bikinis but I can understand why they were used (they are forever ugly though) but I enjoy a bright colourful PV that actually looks bright and colourful for a change as it has not been edited by the “Japan Filter”

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