NSK 147 – Barbara Car Jerks

Recorded May 23rd, 2013.


Garry’s Milkshake by Yoshi


Borealis by Chase Lim



Yoshi’s Twitter – yoshi_nsk
Dae’s Twitter – newschooldae
Dave’s Twitter – t3hdave
New School Kaidan Twitter – newschoolkaidan
NSK Google+ Community


5 thoughts on “NSK 147 – Barbara Car Jerks”

  1. I’m okay with the How Come pv. Any implied nudity is welcome, especially when It’s Tomochin. It’s also nice to see Amina. I haven’t see her in many things lately. The song kinda reminds me of Berryz Kobo’s Want.

    I don’t always like Itano’s voice, but I like the way she sounds in 1%.

    I like Nakatsuka Tomomi’s singing in the Team A version Junai Crescendo, it’s sad to see her go.

  2. The point of “Quantum Leap” should be to pick an idol who you could spend a day in their place fixing some issue that makes them not the best idol they could be.

  3. I forgot to mention: The “covergirl/dove soap ad” thing is to imply vulnerability and lowered defenses visually.

  4. Ikiru koto is the best pv. It’s like a highschool senior week project. Let’s get the whole class together, have fun, and make something to remember our time here.

  5. fml I meant how come. someone messed that up on a forum, and I’ve been making the same mistake ever since.

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