A new queen is crowned

You might have heard about this, but there’s a new #1 in the neighborhood we call AKB48.

Full results after the break.


1. Sashihara Rino -HKT48 Team H-


2. Oshima Yuko -AKB48 Team K-

3. Watanabe Mayu -AKB48 Team A-

4. Kashiwagi Yuki -AKB48 Team B-

5. Shinoda Mariko -AKB48 Team A- *announced her graduation from the group

6. Matsui Jurina -SKE48 Team S/AKB48 Team K-

7. Matsui Rena -SKE48 Team E-

8. Takahashi Minami -AKB48 Team A-

9. Kojima Haruna -AKB48 Team B-

10. Miyazawa Sae -SNH48/AKB48 Team K-

11. Itano Tomomi -AKB48 Team K-

12. Shimazaki Haruka -AKB48 Team B-

13. Yokoyama Yui -AKB48 Team A-

14. Yamamoto Sayaka -NMB48 Team N-

15. Watanabe Miyuki -NMB48 Team N/AKB48 Team B-

16. Suda Akari -SKE48 Team KII-

[Under Girls] 

17. Shibata Aya -SKE48 Team KII-

18. Minegishi Minami -AKB48 Team Kenkyuusei-

19. Umeda Ayaka -AKB48 Team B-

20. Takajo Aki -JKT48 Team J/AKB48 Team B-

21. Kitahara Rie -AKB48 Team K-

22. Kizaki Yuria -SKE48 Team S-

23. Takayanagi Akane -SKE48 Team KII-

24. Matsumura Kaori -SKE48 Team Kenkyuusei-

25. Kawaei Rina -AKB48 Team A-

26. Miyawaki Sakura -HKT48 Team H-

27. Furukawa Airi -SKE48 Team KII-

28. Yamada Nana -NMB48 Team M-

29. Oya Masana -SKE48 Team S-

30. Iriyama Anna -AKB48 Team A-

31. Kimoto Kanon -SKE48 Team E-

32. Fujie Reina -AKB48 Team B-

[Next Girls] 

33. Sato Amina -AKB48 Team K-

34. Katayama Haruka -AKB48 Team B-

35. Nagao Mariya -AKB48 Team K-

36. Kuramochi Asuka -AKB48 Team K-

37. Kodama Haruka -HKT48 Team H/AKB48 Team A-

38. Tano Yuuka -AKB48 Team A-

39. Umemoto Madoka -SKE48 Team E-

40. Jonishi Kei -NMB48 Team N-

41. Matsumoto Rina -SKE48 Team KII-

42. Saito Makiko -SKE48 Team E-

43. Ota Aika -HKT48 Team H-

44. Yagura Fuuko – NMB48 Team N/AKB48 Team A-

45. Muto Tomu -AKB48 Team K-

46. Ishida Haruka -AKB48 Team B-

47. Kobayashi Ami -SKE48 Team E-

48. Oba Mina – AKB48 Team B/SKE48 Team KII-

[Future Girls] 

49. Yabushita Shu -NMB48 Team BII-

50. Yoshida Akari -NMB48 Team N-

51. Kikuchi Ayaka -AKB48 Team A-

52. Sato Sumire -AKB48 Team A-

53. Maeda Ami -AKB48 Team K-

54. Ogasawara Mayu -NMB48 Team N-

55. Tashima Meru -HKT48 Kenkyuusei-

56. Iwasa Misaki -AKB48 Team B-

57. Ichikawa Miori -AKB48 Team B/NMB48 Team N-

58. Isohara Kyoka -SKE48 Team S-

59. Tomonaga Mio -HKT48 Kenkyuusei-

60. Matsui Sakiko -AKB48 Team A-

61. Yamauchi Suzuran -AKB48 Team B-

62. Hirajima Natsumi -Former AKB48 member-

63. Kaneko Shiori -SKE48 Team E-

64. Nakanishi Yuka -SKE48 Team S-

Source: Tokyohive



6 thoughts on “A new queen is crowned”

  1. Ha-Ha – too funny. Can’t wait to hear the Selective Hearing “commentary”.

    I am officially offering to have a Pod-cast “discussion” with everyone in that room who “Boo’ed” Paruru (in the 11 minute video Recap). I’m not upset personally and everyone’s entitled to their tastes but I would be willing to debate it out & pit my Oshi against one of their “Heroes” (like Geesh for example?) any day.

    I could talk “smack” about other Idols & Oshi’s -Believe me, there are some “Easy Targets” in the top 30 or so – I choose not to because it’s not worth it & as oppose to Anime forums these girls are real people, lets be honest none of us could do their jobs right?

    (This is a tad long- but it’s a run on my thoughts over-all for 2012-2013).

    I was content w/ the overall event. I hope this Sasshi win inspires Yuko to stick around for another year (Epic comeback) & hopefully it forces Mayuyu to go back to her “Otaku Twin-Tails roots” – She was trying for a more grown up look I understand but I don’t think it’s having the desired affect – It’s not an issue of “Talent” (we know she has that) it’s an Image issue. It’s weird but Mayuyu says when she doesn’t wear make-up & fix her hair people rarely recognize her in public – I believe that now. Bring the Cyborg Idol back. Maybe I’m wrong but I think she “lost something” after “Uza”

    Sasshi is fine w/ me. She seems like a nice person (one of us as I think someone said on NSK?) and she’s doing alot for AKB & HKT. She’s buddies w/ my Oshi (Paruru) & my HKT Oshi (Haruppi) so I’m excited for her. Chinese fans banded & gave her like 10,000 votes as a block so what are you going to do? Imagine if the Chinese were into Minegishi this year? This all happened because people underestimate certain Idol’s fanbases.

    Paruru is a great example what can be accomplished when fans get together. If Team 4 hadn’t disbanded & She never won the Janken, she’d still be in the 20’s- Why? cause she appeals to that Otaku crowd that like a Tsundere/Salty type & she’s friggin’ adorable- even more so when she’s awkward. I know people don’t understand that appeal but Anime/ Moe’ fans see it instantly. Kawae Rina has it even MORE than Paruru. Say what you want about Paruru but a jump from #23 to #12 is pretty impressive. The Haters were WRONG – she’s Senbatsu & loved. Lastly, I thought her speech & reaction was PURE Paruru- She said what she said & doesn’t like to be “phoney” in her presentation- She didn’t like “Drama” & Theatrics and the MC was trying to get her to say “She was upset or Wanted X or Y”- Let her sit down. That speech is proof she doesn’t like “Competition” or think she’s better than anyone. I think the Prelim “Spooked” her & she was probably relieved she wasn’t Kami7 (more work right?)- You could see she was half-asleep afterwards. She might have anxiety? who knows- But I love her unconditionally.

    I LOVE Sayanee! she’s my NMB Oshi – just on personality & appeal – odd, cause Milky (a close 2nd) is more my type. I’m proud these girls get to shine brighter.

    I’m fine w/ Meru getting a rank & NOT the Russian Monkey (she was getting an Ego there) love Sakura & Mio

    Jurina’s been growing on me since the “So Long” drama so proud for her. I don’t understand the Sae thing at all – I don’t see the appeal at all- I assume she’s a fav from the 2010-2011 era (just before I got involved) so I’m sure I’ve missed some “History”. I know she got a Raw Deal w/ SNH48 (not her fault) but I don’t see what the fuss is about- But congrats to her & her staying power.

    Geesh – she lost 4 spots (no biggie). She’s getting interviewed & used in stuff so she’s not radio-active (by AKS standards). She’s still the same Geesh from last year- can we move on now? She’ll always be a part of what put AKB on the map but can just forget about the Scandal already- no wig even- lets just move on she’s #18 & has a whole year to re-invent herself

    Thank God NO Kintaro & No “pop-ups” from Acchan on stage (TV is fine). Mariko’s Grad was classy. Top 5 is pretty awesome. She’s got major fashion & commercial connections, she doesn’t need AKB anymore, let her date become even more powerful Celeb in Japan.

    Takamina – maybe she spread herself too thin? there’s only so many slots and I think most people just said “She’ll be fine, she always is”- the shock of the Pre-lim got her wota’s into action but I’d start thinking of an “exit strat” like Itano – even if she stretches over 9 months you all must realize eventually ALL these girls must Grad- the question is do you want her to leave on a “High Note” (like Acchan) or watch her slowly fade until 2015?

    I’ve said this everywhere- AKB48 voting is about “The Future” not the “Past”. No one is going to restore the de-facto “Kami 7” and if you worry or wallow too much about the past & the sacred “Gens” (and who is the “Ace”) you can’t focus on the future that was right in front of you for months.

    Sasshi’s fans forgot her past & mobilized. Paruru got a push from the Penguins of “Team 4” in Jan & broke into Senbatsu in 6 months after the Janken. Haruppi fans are “Rabid” on Stage48 – they are already hitting the ground running (Today!) – that’s the drive & momentum your Oshi needs if she’s going to be surpass the odds. You gotta SELL your Oshi, subb her stuff, pass it around, Get feedback, Learn Japanese, sacrifice a goat if need be- You gotta do more than than just “want it” – You can start by not dissing another’s Oshi

    1. I just don’t get Anti… That is a some serious dirtbag way to treat a young lady who defining feature for most observers is that she lacks confidence in herself. Paruru has won me over the more i get to know of her.

      Yes, she is awkward and kind of a blue spirit, but she obviously works her ass off. I know plenty of people who are like her – talented, but never really seeming like they belong where they are.

      Let me know if you need some backup and I’ll swing a few invectives into the melee…but I don’t think attacking other members to lift your favorites helps. ( I think we all know there is only one bad member in AKB48 and that is Ishida Haruka . [grin])

      That last parenthetical comment is a joke, by the way.

  2. This is a good result for me, and for AKS fandom I think. A good mix-up and some real rivalry (at least for votes) makes the group more dynamic. Aamin and Lemon were stranded back in the Future Girls, but it seems a bunch of my favs were down there.

    I re-watched the Bimyo episode where Sashihara explained her rise to Center to the new girl from Sapporo 48 (Konkon’s home-town BTW) – the young and twin-tailed Aachan.

    I need to learn more about Mariko’s graduation. I really did assume she and Koharu would still be doing this idol thing when they were 45…and still be good at it. Best of luck to her in her (bright and modelling-filled) future.

  3. Katayama Haruka is back in the top 40. It’s good to see her rise in rank.

    I’m glad some Team E and ex Team 4 girls are getting in.

    With all the fishing and photobook sales I was convinced that Milky would beat Sayanee. I’m kinda relieved that I was wrong.

    It would have been nice to see Akicha as undergirls centre again. But it’s interesting to see Shibata Aya go from nowhere all the way to 17.

    It’s also good that no one lost votes like last year.

  4. You know everything in AKB looked set, Mayu was due to take the top spot from Yuko, Paruru would rise into power and Jurina would be there to be “the big challenge”

    Then Sasshi came along and through a big old spanner in the works….

    And it’s bloody fantastic that she did! I’m no Sasshi super fan either or anything like that at all really but for winning this, I will be forever happy about because in one stoke, she might of made the top of senbastu all interesting again!

  5. Let me say this first : “this election was pretty shitty for me, THERE…”
    Pretty long post, separating positives and negatives (for me of course)
    The negatives :
    -Tose commentators were fucking annoying. We already have 2MC, why the hell would we need fricking commentators? Really baffling…
    – Juri not ranking two years in a row now… Pretty sad about that, she’s getting some push but still not ranking. Really like the girl and I find her pretty funny these days in Ariyoshi for example.
    – Shimada not ranking too. She’s appearing in a lot of AKB shows and still not ranking. I find she’s one of the funniest,entertaining girl in AKB.
    – Haruppi < Sakura. Was pretty impossible but I wanted Haruppi to be N°1 HKT minus Sasshi. Nothing against Sakura but Haruppi being 1st could have stopped the Meru push for now but it's just wishful thinking at this point.
    -Yui's rank. I really wanted Yui to be n°1 in AKB minus OG. Paruru beat her, too bad…
    – Paruru N°12. It was a test for the Paruru push and she passed it. Made a huge leap and it showed that the push is not just an illusion but there is a big fanbase behind her. So the push is going to continue…
    Her speech was bull, you don't hear such a long silence on TV ever. I get that the MC was annoying with his questions but he was trying to get "something", some real emotions from her and she just closed down.
    Well, the speech was better than last year : "hi, I'm paruru, thanks."

    Positives :
    – Amina center. She and her fans earned a center position by now. Question is : "how will management screw her on that? " Maybe a double, triple center for the song…
    – Haruppi. She made a great leap this year so I'm really happy. The fact that management screwed her actually made her more popular lol.
    The girl had the most screen time of the election, such great placement.
    Great speech, she was one of the highlight for me (ok I may be biased) and I think people will remember her.
    -Akarin in senbatsu. It saved the election for me. Really happy for the girl, she's such a ray of sunshine. That smile really can cure cancer.
    Yui. She keeps on going in rank years after years. Her speech was awesome. We got our meltdown and she gave a great speech. Everyone could see how happy she was, joking with the MC. That's what I want to see in the election, just an explosion of emotions, that's the stuff!
    -Sae's speech. WHAT A BOSS!! Never seen a girl rebel against management like she did. Pretty ballsy! Could be suicidal if management decides to cut her off from AKB shows…
    -Sasshi win. Not that I like Sasshi more than Yuko but a Sasshi win is refreshing. It won't be the doom of AKB or anything, she's only gonna be center for one single anyway…
    I can totally see Yuko graduating this year, she is freed of her N°1 position and with Mariko graduating we see that a new captain can graduate… By the way Yasusu, make Yui captain of Team A pretty pretty please.

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