5th Annual J-Pop Summit Festival in San Francisco

First off, a couple of questions: Do you like Japanese culture and music? Do you enjoy spending time with other people who share the same interests as you do for a couple of days? Do you enjoy buying unique trinkets and items imported directly from Japan that you can’t get anywhere else (except for Japan)? Do you enjoy seeing cosplayers, or dressing up yourself? Finally, do you live within driving/muni distance of San Francisco and want to spend the best weekend of your summer in SF Japantown, hanging with friends both old and new?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any/all of those, especially the last question (that one’s important), then you should get your tail on down to San Francisco Japantown for the J-Pop Summit Festival, happening on July 27th-28th!

The previous years have been chock-full of awesome attractions and displays, such as Danceroid, the AKB48 documentary ‘To be continued…’ premiere, a holographic 3D Hatsune Miku concert, fashion shows, artistic graffiti, outdoor raves, you name it. Well, this year will be the year to beat them all, featuring such attractions as:

Now for the main attraction…

  • Kyary Pamyu Pamyu will be performing live in Union Square on July 28th to what will most certainly be a sold-out audience.


Come Join Us

I will be attending the festival representing New School Kaidan, wearing a very distinctive NSK logo shirt. If you plan to attend this event, definitely let me know by commenting below or tweeting me at @starlancerpg. Don’t forget to wear your idol gear and flaunt your loyalty to your favorite group, and come join me and everyone else at this year’s J-Pop Summit Festival!

Official event site: J-Pop Summit Festival 2013


8 thoughts on “5th Annual J-Pop Summit Festival in San Francisco”

  1. I’ll be there! Don’t have any obvious idol clothing, though. I think I’ll be trying out a short-hair side-faux-cornrows hairstyle, which is pretty popular among idols. Hopefully BART negotiations don’t crash and burn, or it’ll be a huge pain to drive out there and park.

  2. surprised that AG is in the Bay Area as well! I will 90% wear my Maachan birthday t-shirt. And I will have my dark green snoopy jacket if it’s warm enough. And I will be up and about there EARLY.

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