Koisuru Fortune Cookie (Fan. Version)

Thank you to every one who contributed. I really had a lot of fun making this video. I was always eagerly waiting for the next video. Some of you apologized for your video quality or dancing but honestly, I smiled every time I got a new video. They were fun and just putting them together really gave me a great feeling about the fandom.

If you look at all the locations, it’s pretty widespread and encompassing. It was pretty amazing to see where we were getting videos from. Also I thought it was pretty cool to see some people wearing a fan made shirt and then a few frames later see the artist who created that shirt. It’s nice to think that we’re all supporting each other in some way.

A special thanks to Dae for making the KFC logo last minute as I only asked him a couple days ago.


28 thoughts on “Koisuru Fortune Cookie (Fan. Version)”

  1. I love it! Thanks to everyone for a job well done, and of course many thanks to David for organizing this project and putting it together!

  2. So that’s what David looks like!
    Great video.
    Didn’t know there were that many AKB48 fans out there as I was really surprised!

  3. That was great! Thanks NSK for organising everything! Perhaps something similar for future 48 PVs?

  4. Great job! I would have joined but I feared I would have broke my new camera recording me. LOL!

    Glad to see the Bay Area represented! (y)

  5. Wow, I smiled as much as I did with the original staff version!

    Everyone did a great job, but I laughed especially at Allen and David’s part. Thanks David for the great job on the idea and the editing! Hopefully Japanese fans will see that there are fans all over the world.

  6. gonna be up on YouTube as well I hope? This was a great job from everyone. Thanks David for putting it all together and for including my friend, Sophia, and her class. The whole thing was just fantastic down to the logo! Cool to see us fans representing every part of the globe!

      1. whoa that videos was contains content from AKB48 copyright =w= maybe we want to try uploaded that videos after single release ^^

      2. I’m pretty sure Youtube isn’t going to let it stay up no matter when we post it. It’s a shame but at least Vimeo doesn’t appear to be taking it down any time soon.

  7. one other thing..how is it I do not know, and furthermore have never heard of,..Ady in Wisconsin (close to me now, in Chicago) and Jeff in NYC (was there for 20+ years!)..!!

  8. I wished I had known sooner about this or else I would’ve joined in.
    It’s great that people here, S48 and Nihongogo and other fans joined up to do this video.
    Too bad YT took down the video but at least its still up at Vimeo.

  9. ahh this video is so cute! (: Thank you for putting this up! I wish I knew about this so I could make a cover too!

  10. My only regret is not being able to submit my footage in time >.>

    However congratulations on making the official AKB channel!

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