Review: FantaRhyme – Blue Sky / Hello


For the second part of our Fukuoka double-header, we’re taking a look at FantaRhyme’s latest single “Blue Sky / Hello”. Read the full review below.


Release Date: August 21st 2013

Track Listing

  1. Blue Sky
  2. Hello
  3. Blue Sky (Instrumental)
  4. Hello (Instrumental)


FantaRhyme are a two member idol group (idol duo? I don’t know man) from Fukuoka and were formed in September 2012. Like Trick8f who I also recently reviewed, they are signed to the Trust Fukuoka agency who seem to be doing a great job of promoting idol groups from the region. “Blue Sky / Hello” is the group’s fourth single overall and their first to be widely distributed thanks to Tower Records, HMV and all other good sellers of idol music.

If you asked me to describe FantaRhyme’s music in simple terms, I’d probably struggle a bit. That’s not because it’s particularly difficult to do but my description would probably scare a lot of people off before giving them a chance. I suppose when it comes down to it, the most distinguishable aspect of their music is that they incorporate a good amount of rapping. I’m sure that statement alone has already made a bunch of you gun-shy but stick with me. I promise you it isn’t anywhere near as bad as you’re probably thinking it is.

With all that having been said, let’s talk about “Blue Sky” first. A song that doesn’t really feature any rapping at all. It’s actually a rather calm and relaxing affair which is probably surprising after all of the earlier talk. The instrumental composition makes you think of those lazy summer days spent hanging out with friends at the beach or in the countryside. Not that many of today’s youth would know much about the latter. The vocals also lend themselves nicely to this feeling although the harmonies sound a little pitchy in places. That’s just my opinion though, my hearing has probably been ruined from years of listening to loud music anyway. Overall, still one of the better idol songs I’ve heard this year.

“Hello” is the other song that features on this release and the rapping I mentioned earlier is in full effect here. That’s not to say that the whole song is rapping though, the rather catchy chorus certainly isn’t. However, the thing that strikes me the most is just how good the rapping is. A lot of people I know really like Rhymeberry but if I’m being honest the bratty sounding delivery (they’re kinda young so it’s not really their fault) puts me off a bit. FantaRhyme have their delivery down, as well as much better raps and it’s a great thing to hear. Also, top notch instrumentals in effect here. They make the song flow wonderfully and the transitions really make it a joy to listen to.

Even if you don’t particularly care for rap in idol music (not sure how you made it this far if that’s the case) please just do me one favor and watch the two PVs embedded above. FantaRhyme are really good at what they do and I personally think they’re one of the more underrated groups around at the moment. This isn’t another case of an idol group using a cheap gimmick to sell themselves, these two girls actually have a lot of musical talent.

So there you have it, who says the only good idol group to come out of Fukuoka is HKT48? Seems like there’s at least two more in FantaRhyme and Trick8f and that’s only me just scratching the surface. Hats off to Trust Fukuoka for all of their hard work, long may it continue. Also many thanks to my friend @DJAMAYAOFFICIAL for introducing me to the group in the first place. You can check out his remix of FantaRhyme’s “Hello” here.



5 thoughts on “Review: FantaRhyme – Blue Sky / Hello”

  1. Fair, and Honest review as always. Well done! Thanks for giving FantaRhyme a shot! They were excellent live, so I hope they continue to gain more popularity!

  2. I honestly checked this article because the banner really looked like Tanaka Reina! lmao

    Thanks for sharing this group/duo, Blue Sky was a really relaxing song and Hello caught me off guard with the rapping part. Both songs are really good and I hope to see more of this group/duo/w.e!

    1. It’s funny you should say that, I kinda thought she looked like Tanaka Reina too.

      Glad you enjoyed the music. I’ll try to review more up and coming groups like this in the future.

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