This Week in Music 04.12.2013

This week’s lone featured release comes from Hello!Project’s Juice=Juice.


Juice=Juice – “Ijiwaru Shinaide Dakishimeteyo / Hajimete Wo Keikenchuu


Juice=Juice stand as the last bastion of hope in what is a particularly slow week in the idol release calendar. Thankfully their second major label single (yet another double a-side) delivers and I actually have something to talk about this week. Like I said, it’s a double a-side with “Ijiwaru Shinaide Dakishimeteyo” continuing their jazz/funk/whatever you want to call trend. “Hajimete Wo Keikenchuu” on the other hand is your more typical idol song but it has some pretty catchy instrumentals and vocal work so there’s some interesting elements in play there. Juice=Juice have had a really solid year in 2013 since their debut and right now they’re definitely on my shortlist for Best Newcomer.



Toshishita No Otoko no Ko” by Candy Macchiato from Super☆Girls
“1ct” by Carat
“Henshin Da!” by Hachikin Girls
Happy Christmas -Da Da Da Daijyo v-” by Idol Class
Sentimental Journey” by Maeshima Ami from Super☆Girls
Jin Jin Jingle Bells” by Twinkle Veil from Super☆Girls

This week’s other releases aren’t exactly much to write home about. Super☆Girls are doing this sub-unit thing where they’re covering some classic idol songs, which while good aren’t exactly “new” releases so there isn’t really much to talk about there. Meanwhile Idol Class are doing the standard idol Christmas song deal and that’s pretty much all we have this week.


4 thoughts on “This Week in Music 04.12.2013”

  1. Oh man, not even the prettiest idols could ever make christmas music tolerable. I’ll just crawl back under my grinch-rock.

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