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2chan Says the Darndest Things Vol. 25

Our very own Dave, community member Vu, Greg and Hiro of Selective Hearing also known as the “Japan 4” have landed in Japan to take part in some handshake events. Volume 25 of “2chan Says the Darndest Things” is a handshake-centric one to give them and you guys tips when you go to a handshake event!

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Koisuru Fortune Cookie (Fan. Version)

Thank you to every one who contributed. I really had a lot of fun making this video. I was always eagerly waiting for the next video. Some of you apologized for your video quality or dancing but honestly, I smiled every time I got a new video. They were fun and just putting them together really gave me a great feeling about the fandom.

If you look at all the locations, it’s pretty widespread and encompassing. It was pretty amazing to see where we were getting videos from. Also I thought it was pretty cool to see some people wearing a fan made shirt and then a few frames later see the artist who created that shirt. It’s nice to think that we’re all supporting each other in some way.

A special thanks to Dae for making the KFC logo last minute as I only asked him a couple days ago.

KFC Fan Project: Final Push

As I tweeted last night, I’m about 85% done with the KFC fan collab video. I have a few remaining shots to fill, mostly footage that didn’t get sent in. Below I have listed times for the shots I need. There are no sign ups, so if you are interested, please just send your video to newschoolkaidan at

If you can shoot a couple second before your part and a couple seconds after, it would help make editing easier and would be greatly appreciated.

When I receive an acceptable video for that slot, I will immediately cross the spot off the list.

Here are the times with description of what is needed. Please refer to the staff version for a visual guide.

2:48- 2:51 – Clap, Left Strut, Knee Bend, Right Strut

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.
Also here are the names for which I have already received videos. (Alphabetical)

Akira Hakim
Middlebury Japanese School

NEED MORE VIDEOS – KFC Fan Project Part 2

Here’s a quick preview…

**A Quick Note**
If you signed up during the first round of time slots please send in your video before Saturday July 27. If we do not receive an email asking for an extension before Saturday, we will open those spots up for someone else.

So thanks everyone for all the great support! Now that the first half of the slots are nearly done, we are opening slots for part two. I’m finding the need for a lot more shots so we can create a dynamic ending for the PV. There are open time slots listed below. Please comment and I’ll sign you up for those portions for you to recreate.

After that it will be up to your creativity to pick a location, costumes and any community involvement for your dance portion. Again, none of us are professionals so there’s no need to be shy. Just smile and have a good time. Keep the camera rolling for extra footage and good lighting also helps.

You may have also noticed that there’s still the rest of the PV to fill from 2:11-3:05. The Staff PV goes off and does it’s own thing so it makes it a bit difficult to try to copy frame for frame. So we are going to make this an open call for anyone else who hasn’t signed up. There’s no need ask permission, just make a video from a part of the choreography you like and I’ll edit it in the best way possible. One thing I’ve notice working on this project is the International Reach AKB has. If you’d like to contribute your own portion, here’s a chance.

When you’re finished with your video, please email them to me with your name, time slot and city/country where you’re from. I would really like to finish this video within the week. KFC releases next month in Japan so I’m going to put a deadline of July 31. After that I can’t guarantee that I will accept any more videos.

You can email your video and information at newschoolkaidan at

Second Round

1:28-1:32 – Caitlin (Ewa Beach, Hawaii) [COMPLETED]
1:32-1:35 – Serenyty
1:36-1:38 – TomJan
1:38-1:40 – Marlowe
1:40-1:41 – ShinBaka
1:42-1:45 – boykun (San Bernadino, CA) [COMPLETED]
1:45-1:49 – jasmine (Singapore) [COMPLETED]
1:50-1:52 – takatophillip
1:53-1:55 – Gaby
1:55-1:57 –
1:58-2:02 – danceotokogary (Hong Kong China) [COMPLETED]
2:02-2:06 –
2:07-2:09- Dani

Free Dance Portion


Be Part of the Fortune Cookie Fan Project!

Inspired by the great AKS staff rendition of AKB’s latest, ‘Koi Suru Fortune Cookie’, our own David Liao is calling for anyone interested in participating for a fan-wide collaboration video.

All you need is a camera and be interested in performing to the song of ‘Koi Suru Fortune Cookie’. Be as imaginative as you want to be in terms of setting up scenarios and outfits.

Lastly, feel free to spread the word since this is open to anyone and everyone!

Hey guys, this is David. To make this simple we’re just going to break down the video according to the way it was done in the STAFF version. I’ve listed the time slots below and you’ll just need to copy that portion of the video.

Please leave a comment below with your desired time slot to sign up. Spots are first come first served. I will pencil you in on the master list so you know that your spot is confirmed.

After that it will be up to your creativity to pick a location, costumes and any community involvement for your dance portion. None of us are professionals so there’s no need to be shy. Just smile and have a good time.

When you’re finished with your video, please email them to me with your name, time slot and where you’re from. I will then edit them all together while displaying your name and location. If you prefer not to be named please make note.

As a final gesture of friendly competition, I will be leaving the opening “center” portion open for auditions. If you would like to audition for the center position, please include a video for that along with your time slot video. NSK will pick the winner and you will be crowned the center for this PV release. There is a time limit as it’s possible that others may have the same idea. So I’ll set the deadline for sign ups by Monday the 22nd.


0:01-0:16 – Center Position

0:17-0:20 – mbreak25 (Tokyo, Japan) [COMPLETED]
0:21-0:23 – Yoshi (Ft. Lauderdale, FL) [COMPLETED]
0:24-0:28 –
0:29-0:32 – Sophie (Cambridge, MA) [COMPLETED]
0:33-0:35 – Akira Hakim (Malaysia) [COMPLETED]
0:36-0:39 – Dereko (Perth Australia) [COMPLETED]
0:40-0:45 – Jaru (Washington D.C.) [COMPLETED]
0:46-0:48 – Jet (New York, NY) [COMPLETED]
0:48-0:51 – Flyp
0:52-0:54 – cyan (Jambi, Indonesia) [COMPLETED]
0:54-0:57 – Mozenator (Chicago, IL) [COMPLETED]
0:58-1:00 – OJS
1:01-1:03 – Chase Lim
1:04-1:06 – Lili (Los Angeles, CA) [COMPLETED]
1:07-1:08 – Nicholas (Singapore) [COMPLETED]
1:09-1:11 – Chiima (Lincolnshire, England) [COMPLETED]
1:12-1:13 – TikTak (Gothenburd, Sweden) [COMPLETED]
1:14-1:16 – Ady
1:16-1:19 –
1:20-1:22 – Hairy Yeti (Colchester, England) [COMPLETED]
1:23-1:25 –
1:25-1:28 – Melody

**Note – I’ve already received the first video. Thanks to Sophie for doing a great job. Just as a heads up, don’t be afraid to keep the camera rolling to give extra footage. Extra choreography gives me wiggle room incase there are editing issues. Also good lighting will make your video look less grainy and more professional.

You can email me your video and information at newschoolkaidan at

From what I have it’s already making me smile. I can’t wait to put the rest of this together, so I’m looking to have all the footage by Wednesday July 24th.

There’s an opening 0:24-0:28. If anyone would like to take that spot please let me know in the comments.
As for the second part, we’ll open up spots Wednesday. I want to edit through some more of these clips
before we start moving forward. If y’all are curious I have a handful of videos. Here’s a preview using the
ones I have so far.

KFC Preview