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NSK Mid-Year Staff Picks: Yoshi


Holy hell, time flew by this year. We’re already halfway into the year so I took some time to reflect on the first half and gave out mad props and wags of the finger to releases from the first half of 2013.

*The picks are not in any particular order

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NSK Mid-Year Staff Picks: Garry


We’re half way through the year so now is as good a time as any to do a little mid-year review. Check out my thoughts on how the year is shaping up so far in idol music. (Spoilers, that’s me in the above screenshot. Looking for the good PVs from the first 6 months of the year)

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Hide Yo’ Oshi, Hide Yo’ Fandom

Admitting that you’re an idol fan is a challenge for some people like myself. It is hard to tell someone that you’re into girl pop groups, a lot of which feature teenage girls. I honestly would have a tough time admitting that, especially to those that aren’t as open-minded as you’d hope them to be.

I guess you can call me a closet idol fan. The only people that know that I’m an idol fan are my closest friends, my idol bros and my family members. I am at an age where I don’t really have people over my house all the time. My place is small and not ideal for friends to come over and have a good time (my room is the size of one of them tiny Japanese apartments).

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Join The NSK Crew For The AKB48 32nd Single Senbatsu Election Livestream!

Watching livestreams of AKB48 concerts have become somewhat of a tradition for NSK and its community and this stream is no different. We will be hosting a watch party on Skype for the Senbatsu Election which is going to take place on Saturday, June 8th at 17:15 JST on their youtube page. Add, “newschoolkaidan” on Skype and then message me on twitter or leave a comment on this post to secure a spot in the Skype call. First come first serve! We usually fill up all 24 spots on these watch party Skype calls so make sure you let me know if you want to participate!


Spoiling the ranking before everyone hears the name of the member will result in a warning and you will be removed from the call for a second offense.

AKB48 Election Voting and You


Voting is under way in this year’s AKB48 General Election. The preliminary results are out and there have been quite a few eyebrows raised at the way things have panned out thus far. Perhaps even the final rankings might not be as predictable as everyone thought they would be.

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NSK 2D Club: AKB0048 Part 5

2D Club returns with the conclusion(…?) of AKB0048 Next Stage.

AKB0048 circle

Dae, Garry, and Dave sit down to finish off the synopsis of the AKB0048. They discuss whether or not their predictions were correct, how well the story was handled, and if the ending was satisfactory or not. Is AKB0048 worth a recommend? Listen to find out! This podcast covers episodes 21 until 26.



Twitter Links:
Dae’s Twitter – newschooldae
Garry’s Twitter – mage77
Dave’s Twitter – t3hdave

The 2D Club is brand new and still in development, so it’s open to lots of ideas as far as how to create content for the site. If you have any ideas, feel free to send them to us using the contact page at the top of the site, or by leaving a comment on this post. Thanks!