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5th Annual J-Pop Summit Festival in San Francisco

First off, a couple of questions: Do you like Japanese culture and music? Do you enjoy spending time with other people who share the same interests as you do for a couple of days? Do you enjoy buying unique trinkets and items imported directly from Japan that you can’t get anywhere else (except for Japan)? Do you enjoy seeing cosplayers, or dressing up yourself? Finally, do you live within driving/muni distance of San Francisco and want to spend the best weekend of your summer in SF Japantown, hanging with friends both old and new?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any/all of those, especially the last question (that one’s important), then you should get your tail on down to San Francisco Japantown for the J-Pop Summit Festival, happening on July 27th-28th!

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AKB48 Election Voting and You


Voting is under way in this year’s AKB48 General Election. The preliminary results are out and there have been quite a few eyebrows raised at the way things have panned out thus far. Perhaps even the final rankings might not be as predictable as everyone thought they would be.

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The Truth Behind Heavy Rotation

Without a doubt one of the most controversial music videos released by AKB48 was Heavy Rotation.

(Heavy Rotation: The controversy)

Incensed idol fans, typically of rival idol groups and hailing from outside Japan, rallied behind the video as the epitome of poor taste. Heavy rotation was proof of AKB48 pandering to perverts. They claimed the video sickened them as it reduced girls to nothing but sexual objects. If you read their rants you too might believe that this one video was capable of setting back the course of womans rights by decades.

However it was always my belief that people will find any reason to justify their personal and cultural bias in an attempt to exert their will upon others. They will use any string of thought no matter how tenuous and wait for their personal Yes-Men squad to roll in and validate into fact what ultimately should have only been an opinion.

In a world where we have little want, our basic needs and necessities provided for… THEY want something to fight for. When you live in North America, or really any first world country, we are increasingly becoming a society that seems ill equipped to cope with first world problems. For those of us who “bother” signing on to the internet to share our disgust.. chances are we aren’t dealing with poverty or the threat of death through starvation. No we deal with first world problems like complaining about Music Videos produced in a foreign land with ideals and values different than our own.

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