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NSK goodbye Japan, hello Japan podcast 2013

Sit down and listen as Dave recalls his recent adventure in Japan and Dae anticipates the challenges he looks forward to experiencing in the land of the rising sun and sparkling idols. They are joined by community member Vu Pham and Selective Hearing admin, Greg Abesamis who help retell the 2nd trip of The Japan Four. 4 full hours of touching hands, eating good food, walking around, and all kinds of things to do in Japan. Youtube version and outline after the break.

Recorded November 13th , 2013.


Dave Chang Nante Iranai by Yoshi-P


Everydae Kachuusha by Yoshi-P



Dave’s Twitter – @t3hdave
Dae’s Twitter – @newschooldae
Vu’s Twitter – @vupham
Greg’s Twitter – @babyga76
New School Kaidan Twitter – newschoolkaidan
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